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LLTLifes Little Treasures have received a lot of requests since their walk last year from people asking how they can help. They have organised an informal Information Night on May 24th at the very funky “Fashion Lounge” to give people the opportunity to find out about what they are doing at LLTF & where they are headed. As they do not get funding to run LLTF, they rely completely on volunteers & the generoristy of their sponsors to continue services. Their services are receiving more & more demand for from families & professionals, such as the hospitals & Maternal & Child Health Nurses.

In Victoria alone over 5,000 prem babies were born last year, that’s a lot of families who find themselves on this rollercoaster ride. Their aim is to reach as many of these as possible to let them know there is help out here & people who do understand their journey. However in order to maintain this they need more people on board to assist.

This is an ideal opportunity for anyone who has been touched by the premature/sick baby journey to help give back to those who are currently going through it. However you don’t necessarily have to be a parent of a prem/sick baby to volunteer – it can be anyone – family, friends or someone who has time to spare & would like to give back to the community.

If you would like go along please register your interest by emailing LLT with your name & phone number to

They would love to see you there on the night.

They are also currently looking for family stories to put in their Newlsletter. If you would like to share your story please send no more then 2 x A4 pages with pictures to


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