Green for Prems

April 13, 2011 No Comments »

It’s exciting to watch an event grow legs and walk on its own. Not only did “Green for Prems” walk, but it hit the ground running!


The sheer number of people who “attended” Li’l Aussie Prems online national event via Face book, ordered bands and wore green in honour or memory of a very special child (or children) in their lives was astounding and far beyond our expectations. I guess that goes to show that the stats really do under estimate the number of lives touched by premature birth—11% of babies are born early. That translates into thousands of people affected.

All you need to do is look at the Green for Prems event page, the number of photos and stories there to see just a portion of the premmie community. It really has been lovely to see such an outpouring from so many people supporting this cause and allowing us, in turn, to support other charities who do so much to help families during difficult times–Yasminah’s Gift of Hope, Sewing Mummy, Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids, C.H.I.L.D.

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