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Louise and i have been friends for almost 7 years after meeting on a wedding forum in 2003. We watched each other plan our weddings from online and became great friends from a distance (myself from Sydney at the time & Louise in Queensland).

When i gave birth to Ronan (at 27 weeks) it was a whole new world, not just for me but almost everyone on the wedding forum. Very few members had been touched with prematurity in their families so it was by total surprise not only to myself but also the wonderful members that i had given birth so early as many of us were pregnant with our first children.1

As the months went by and Ronan was in hospital a new forum had emerged where many of us moved to as it was specifically for parenting since we were all married and moved onto motherhood. I felt like i was starting to lose the plot. I found it hard to be on a forum where other mothers were experiencing full term births but i also felt happy for everyone as well. This is where Louise stepped in and made me see the light at the end of the tunnel. At the time Louise was a psychologist and has been practising for many years. Louise was a rock for me from the time Ronan was in hospital to the years following his discharge when i was struggling with the developmental delays he was facing. All the babies on the forum were now crawling and even walking, all born months after Ronan and he was barely even rolling yet! Louise spoke with me on many occasions about how and why i was feeling like i was. She guided me and helped me get back on track especially when i was feeling down. We spoke for many hours on MSN (was the easiest way to chat) and has been there since the inception of L’il Aussie Prems and supported everything i have done for other families touched with prematurity. I wanted to create an online support forum for families of premature babies after the struggles i faced personally with finding that “understanding” and Louise has supported every step. The forum has now reached over 1,200 members Australia wide with many of us finding that balance of support we had longed for.

Louise has been a support to me personally on many levels and also L’il Aussie Prems since day one. Louise was one of our very first sponsors to ever come onboard. She has financially supported the website for years and also donated MANY prizes for competitions for our members as well as Sponsor every event we have held, most recently our Premmie Hero Awards.

2Louise has now moved on from her Psychology days and is now an award winning photographer. We FINALLY met last year as we were both in Sydney visiting family. Since i now live in Melbourne and Louise hasn’t had a chance to visit Victoria, it was just shear luck that we were both going to be in the same state at the same time. I took my 2nd son, Tristan (born at 36 weeks) with me to visit family. Louise and i met at Parramatta Park on a glorious day and she took the most amazing photos of Tristan. He was around 6 months old and ever so cute. Louise has such an eye for photography that i cannot believe that it took her so long to realise. She started out with buying a good camera, taking photos of friends and has excelled in her art since then.

Emotive Images provides wedding photography, portrait photography, newborn photography, child photography, trash the dress sessions and more in Brisbane, Queensland. Louise is an amazingly talented lady with a heart of gold. I am honoured to call her a friend and i am sure that we will continue to stay life long friends.

Below is a view of some of the stunning photos she took of Tristan in April 2009.




Please visit www.emotiveimages.com.au to book your session with Louise.


Louise is a proud sponsor of L’il Aussie Prems

We will be featuring all our sponsors in the coming weeks so stay tuned…

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