In 2008 Our Premmie Baby Forum…

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Exploded! The forum saw over 400 members join in 2008 alone and on New Years eve we reached over 100,000 posts. It is truly an amazing effort on our members behalves and they have really turned the forum into a community over the past year.

When i started the forum almost 2 years ago it was slow to start with like any forum but over time it grew. I made sure i put the site “out there” not just via online but through other avenue’s. Everyone who i have personally spoken with over time has been very supportive of the site and when they hear how well it is doing they are very suprised, which is a great thing! The forums’ members meet in each state and have formed very solid friendships. Each and every member has a level of understanding whether their premmie baby was born at 23 weeks through to 36 weeks, everyone is very supportive and compassionate to all.

The members have made what L’il Aussie Prems is today and i cannot thank them enough.  I had a vision in 2007 and now the forum has so many families, 2009 will be the year that L’il Aussie Prems shines. We have idea’s coming from left right and centre which hopefully we will be implementing throughout the year.

If you wish to join our premmie baby forum please register today!

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