Premmie Parent ~ Pregnant Again..

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My son was born at 27 weeks gestation due to preterm premature rupture of membranes and premature labour in March 2006. I am now pregnant with my second child and at present i am 25 weeks along and starting to feel very anxious due to my previous premature birth.

My pregnancy has been great although the first 14 weeks were horrible due to morning sickness, tiredness and hormones but it is something to be expected. Since 14 weeks along i have been apart of the “high risk clinic” at Monash Medical Centre and the care i have been receiving is not only supportive but a real relief and i cannot thank everyone enough. I have had scans of my cervix, the results were all great and i had another scan today to check the placenta which also came back great. I have also had quite a few blood tests taken and have many follow up appointments.

The biggest hurdle and milestone for me was to reach 23/24 weeks gestation. After having a premature baby and seeing/knowing the survival rates and outcomes i was just hoping to either reach or pass the critical stage. I have many friends who have had premature babies born at those gestations and whilst the babies are doing great each babies journey is so different so the outcomes are always different.

I received the results from my placenta after my son was born and apparently the report mentioned that there was a small 5mm tear present but otherwise the placenta was very healthy. There was no explanation as to why it happened however today the doctor came to the conclusion that maybe the placenta tore away slightly which resulted in PPROM which triggered the premature labour which is why i had the scan today to check the placenta but everything was fine.

It took me 2 years to have enough courage to have another baby. I had to understand what happened and how i felt about having a premature baby and if i could go through the while preterm birthing experience again. After having a previous premature baby there is a high chance that it could happen again but nothing is concrete so because of the “unknown” it was hard for me to decide when the time was right. Our son is now almost 2 1/2 years old so i did not want to leave the decision too long. If i knew a year ago about the care i would be receiving i probably would have started trying to fall pregnant sooner rather than later.

Once i reach 28 weeks (fingers crossed) i will stop thinking and stressing about every little detail. It is very hard not to think about “what if”, “when will this baby come”, “what will it be like if i make it to term”, “how will we cope having another premmie baby in hospital BUT with a toddler”. The questions you ask yourself are endless but i am trying to stop my mind from thinking too much as all my results are coming back normal and healthy. Once i reach 28 weeks i will have a small celebration that we made it this far, we can continue onto 40 weeks.

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