Premmie Parent Pregnant Again

April 1, 2008 2 Comments »

Last Wednesday we found out that i am pregnant with number 2! We had been trying for over 8 months and were very joyful but scared when we found out the news.

My son was born prematurely at 27 weeks gestation due to PPROM & spontaneous labour. There was nothing that could be done to stop the labour as i was too far dilated by the time i reached the hospital. He was born weighing 1140 grams and spent 3.5 months at Monash Medical Centre in Victoria. The care there was nothing short of amazing, the best journey we could have had considering the circumstances of having a premature baby.

I had the perfect pregnancy with no complications leading up to his early birth. We have no family history of prematurity in either family so it was nothing we expected to happen. Things happen for a reason i believe as it led me to create this website and support for families of premature babies so in a strange way i am glad we had a premmie baby as it has opened up a whole new world for myself and my family.

At this stage of pregnancy i am 7 weeks along and feeling very nauseas. I certainly don’t miss this feeling as i am also very tired and always feeling bloated. It is only early days but i had a scan yesterday and everything seems to be going great, bubs with a heartbeat nice and strong.

In the next few weeks i will be receiving a referral from my local GP for Monash to monitor my pregnancy. Due to having Ronan at Monash they have my history about the birth and i feel very safe and comfortable with them. I will be monitored very closely once i reach 20 weeks in pregnancy and i have been advised by friends that i should be having fortnightly appointments and scans to see how bubs is going and also to make sure that my cervix isn’t softening but i should receive all this information at my first appointment.

I will keep you updated as the months go by with my pregnancy and the follow through care i receive being that i am considered “high risk” due to a previous premature birth. I hope that my journey will help other parents of premature babies understand and realise the care that is available to us premmie parents especially those parents wishing to have another baby. It took 2 years to “prepare” myself mentally for this journey after Ronan’s birth and whilst i am VERY glad to be on this path again i can only hope and wish that we make it past 35 weeks gestation.

Until next month…


  1. Finisterre April 5, 2008 at 1:05 am -

    Wooohoooo CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. Kristy November 11, 2009 at 11:58 am -

    Hi, Congratulations!

    My eldest Hayden was born at Monash in May 07 at 25 weeks gestation PROM we spent 10 weeks there until Hayden was strong enought o be transferred home to Newcastle JHH ( we were on hlidays in Victoria when he was born). We have since had another little boy Dylan who I successfully made to 38 weeks. I was taking progesterone suppositories to stop my cervix from softening, 2 hrs bedrest a day (from 8 weeks), weekly obgyn appointments and also was in hospital on bedrest for 6 weeks to get me past 35 weeks. Just wanted to say that I can understand your feelings about getting yourself mentally ready for pregnancy again and trying to let yourself enjoy it without wondering about the whatifs. I dont think really started to let go of all of it until I was over the magic 32 week mark when survival increases drastically. Life with two little boys is fantastic! Although a handful. and its amazing how given the proper start how babies thrive. Our little Dylan is seven months old, trying to crawl, pulling himself up onto furniture and is already trying to show his independance. It is a different ride. Hope everything is going very well.

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