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The National Premmie Foundation is holding National Premmie Day on Friday 25th July 2008. The theme will be an awareness week of RSV. The Foundation wants to put together a number of stories about prems, the risks of RSV and the effects it has on families. Would you be happy to let the Foundation use your child’s story?

What is needed in your recount is: birth details including the amount of time he/she spent in hospital following their early arrival, details of ongoing medical problems, the number of times he/she has been hosptalised for RSV/Bronchiolitis (including the length of each hospital stay), was your child tested for RSV on admission, were you given details of whether or not your child’s bronchiolitis was RSV positive, anything that the doctors might have said about your child being susceptible to the virus in the future, details of how your child’s hospitalisation has affected you and your family, whether you are or were aware of what can be done to prevent RSV (including any preventative drugs).

Please do not feel obliged to contribute, the decision is entirely yours. You can also provide photos of your child at birth, during any subsequent hospital admissions for RSV/bronchiolitis, and now. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

You can forward your story & photos to

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