National Premmie Day 2008!

March 12, 2008 No Comments »

It has been announced that the next National Premmie Day is Friday 25th July 2008! This is very exciting news and this gives everyone plenty of time to organise their gorgeous premature babies and hold an event in their area.

National Premmie Day is a day to celebrate all of those amazing premature babies out there in Australia who have been through SO much. It is also a day to celebrate those precious babies who are in hospital fighting for their lives to be with their families. Having a premature baby is an amazing, scary, heart wrenching, exhausting experience and a very long road for many parents. To be able to celebrate these “little battlers” on a special day just for them is inspiring.

The members at L’il Aussie Prems will be holding events around Australia. You will be able to find a list of premmie day celebrations on the premforum in the coming months. There will also be a list of events also available on the Premmie Foundations website also in the coming months. If you are holding an event of your own be sure to join the premforum and let all the parents know the details so others can join you.

We are sure everyone will have a fantastic premmie day and lets all join in celebrating our beautiful children!

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