Australian Multiple Birth Awareness Week

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There will be celebration in duplicate, triplicate and even quadruplicate on Sunday 9 March 2008 when Multiple Birth Awareness Week begins Australia-wide.

It is important to acknowledge that it is not only mothers who need this help with tips about carrying, delivering, caring for and raising multiples. Fathers and same-sex partners play a pivotal role in the family and often shoulder significant stress in a multiple birth family. There is a great pressure in being the sole breadwinner of a suddenly much larger family with a severe increase in financial, physical and emotional needs from the family, and balancing home duties with career is stressful at the best of times when babies abound. Just like mothers of multiples, fathers are significantly more likely to suffer depression both in the lead-up to and in the first year of their multiples’ lives and they too will call on AMBA’s services.

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