My l’il premmie’s milestone delays

February 19, 2008 No Comments »

Ronan is now walking around everywhere. He occasionally crawls but would prefer to walk. Whilst he is great with walking and his balance is incredible he still faces many hurdles with walking. Being born premature was a fight to begin life and what an amazing journey we have had. Ronan has been attending physio since he was 6 months “corrected” due to low muscle tone due to his premature birth. Ronan has taken a long time to reach many milestones, sitting was the longest one to reach but we finally got there.

Ronan was walking a long furniture for i think 7 months before he finally let go. Those premmie fighting instincts finally kicked in and he was a free man! He took his first step without support at 18 months corrected. To be honest i had no idea how much longer it would be before he would then one day he tried and has never looked back since. It was the proudest moment of our lives to see the look of excitement on his face.premature babies, premature community, forum, babies, premature support, birth, preterm babies, parenting, premature birth

Whilst he loves walking and the more he walks the more exercise his muscles get he still cannot bend his knee’s to pick something off the floor without holding onto support. His muscle tone is once again letting him down and we are forever trying to built that strength up by helping him to walk up stairs which is a real struggle for him.

Winning the “Local Hero” award with my council i hope to help other parents with premature babies around my area. I have a few idea’s in the pipeline and hopefully they come to fruitation but it will be a long process one that i hope premmie babies and their parents will use should their babies have milestone delays.

Ronan still has a long way to go with his walking but each and everyday he is growing and learning so much. What else can a parent of an ex 27 week premature baby wish for?

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