An Award For A Premature Baby Parent

January 28, 2008 No Comments »

You may remember me writing that I was nominated for “Volunteer of the Year” with my local council a few months ago. Well the award ceremony was held on Australia day and after having a lovely breakfast it was time topremature baby, award, australia, community, babies, premature babies, birth, labour announce the award. They went through each nominee’s achievements and the other nominee’s were all amazing and inspiring people. The work i have been doing within the “premature baby community” for the National Premmie Foundation, Lifes Little Treasures & PIPA by creating their websites was mentioned in the Counsellors speech as well as L’il Aussie Prems and about the Premmie Day event I helped organise last year in Wantirna. The first award winner was to be announced and the winner was me!

I won the “Local Hero of the Year Award”, I could have fallen over. I met the Mayor of Knox, media, counsellors and many families. The 4 winners had photos taken for the local newspaper this week so I will post them up when I receive them. My husband Mark was very proud as were my parents who had tears in their eyes.

premature babies, certificate, community, knox, babies, support, birth, pretermAfter the ceremony I spoke to quite a few women commenting that back in 1955 they had a premature baby or how their son/niece/nephew had had a premature baby. The more people i meet the more i am amazed that there are so many ex premature babies in Australia. Premature babies have always been around but until the past few years it does not seem like prematurity was talked about very much.

I am very happy and grateful to have won this award because the world of a premature baby is finally starting to be noticed. Many people have been working hard over the years trying to bring forth information and support to families of premature babies and i feel proud to know that i am also helping this to be achieved by doing everything that i do.

I hope you had a great Australia Day!

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