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January 25, 2008 No Comments »

Well Ronan and i were photographed yesterday for an article that is coming out most likely next week in the local paper on behalf of Bonnie Babes and their “Pride of the Nation” project. The photographer was here for about 30 minutes and we took many different angles of poses. Ronan had a blast and we even got him to manage a smile in quite a fepremature baby, premmie, baby, bonnie babes, parenting, labour, birthw of the photos!

I had a phone interview with the editor asking questions like; What was your experience of having a premature baby, what delays do premature babies have, what do they do to help the delays, did having a premature baby change your life etc..

Pride of the Nation
Pride of the Nation needs kids from Newborn to 15 years old to be Professionally Photographed and appear in the
Bonnie Babes Foundation Annual Book. This exceptional quality coffee table book will be something that each participant
will cherish in the years to come. Call 1300 693 686

The book is just beautiful and it is a credit not only to Bonnie Babes but also to the photographers that took the photos.

For more information visit

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