Queensland Premature Baby Support

January 15, 2008 No Comments »

After months of working on PIPA’s new website i am proud to say that it is now live!

PIPA was formed in 1980 to provide a support network for the families dealing with the Premature birth of their baby in Queensland and Northern New South Wales Hospitals. For over 25 years their work has been carried on by a large number of volunteers whose lives have been touched and changed by a premature birth. Their site provides support on many levels and is a place where parents can find information on all things relating to their premature baby.

It was a pleasure creating and working on their new website for them. Giving up my time to help groups that support premature babies is passion of mine. If i can help groups in anyway possible i feel that i have accomplished something huge and it is very rewarding to know that what i have done no matter how small helps the parents & families of premature babies.


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