New ~ Premature Baby Support Forum

January 15, 2008 No Comments »

L’il Aussie Prems has a new modern support forum for families of premature babies.

The old forum was great in the day but the security features on the new one are so much better which means less spammer sign ups (less strain on my email) and the backend features just blow you out of the water and the forum is now much more user friendly.

I spent 2 days working on the new forum because it isn’t a simple case of throwing it all together because you get errors along the way when trying to add/change things. When you get errors you then need to search for the solution but the first one you find isn’t always the right one. It can take hours to just do 1 thing but i am very patient and it has paid off with the new premmie forum.

I tried to find a template that either matched what was already there or find something that was easy to follow. There are 100s of templates available but i also wanted something to follow on with the sites pastels theme as it reminds me of premature babies, soft & gentle.

I hope you all enjoy the new premmie forum and i better get back to my email as i haven’t looked at it for a few days and have over 900 emails to go through!

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