Merry Christmas To All Premmie Families

December 22, 2007 No Comments »

We wish all the premmie families a very safe Christmas and a healthy happy 2008. To all the premature babies spending their first christmas in hospital and to the angel’s watching up above, stay strong and keep faith.

Merry Christmas by Mary Ann Morris
In a winter wonderland I find joy
A time to reflect on the life of my little boy.
Christmas time is always
so much fun…love the expressions
on the face of my little son.
A gift from Santa brings many a smile…
funny how he knows everyone’s style.

Old’ St. Nick has a really long list
my son wants almost everything..
what have I missed?
The day will come faster then I know…
nothing will look better then
the night full of snow.

Families will enjoy festive times
The sound of carols in my mind.
My son and I for another year
will spread our love and Christmas cheer.
To all who have children squeeze them really tight.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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