I Have Been Nominated!

December 13, 2007 No Comments »

For “Volunteer Of The Year” with my local council!!!

I do not know who nominated me but i just received a letter in the mail that i need to attend a ceremony on Australia Day for the announcement of winners. It does say that i was nominated for all the hours or hard work and dedication i have put into helping premature baby charities and my good will.

I have had a very busy year i have to admit. Creating L’il Aussie Prems was my first challenge. Whilst it is easy to create a website i needed the media’s help with getting the word “out there” that the site is here. The advice i have always been given is “people will not go to your site if they do not know it exists”. I have been very lucky within the media circle and i cannot thank the media enough for their help. You can view the media articles i have so gratefully received HERE.

In June i organised an event in my area for the first ever National Premmie Day. It was a great success and we had over 35 people attend the morning tea. Through this event i came into contact with Lifes Little Treasures.

In July i joined the committee for the Melbourne group Lifes Little Treasures. I joined their committee and earned the role of “webmaster”. I created their website and had great fun in doing so.

In August this year i became a part of the committee for the National Premmie Foundation. I also created their website and whilst it took a good month to get it online i was very happy with the results.

In between creating websites i also attend morning teas here in Victoria for not only Lifes Little Treasures but also my own personal premmie playgroups. I am actually creating a new website for another one of Australia’s prem support groups so things never slow down for me.

I do not know what i would be doing in my life path had my son not been born prematurely. I was not aware of the “premature life” but i would not change it for the world. I love helping people and it is a passion that i hold close to my heart. I always have time to help people and love every minute of it.

I know that i will be up against many many inspirational people within the community and whether i win or lose is not important to me, knowing that i helped make a difference to people’s lives is.

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