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November 19, 2007 No Comments »

I have been a busy little bee lately. After months of being asked to create a special journalling space on lil Aussie prems – here it is! I have been setting up a system where parents can create their own personal blog. After installing, deleting, and installing again i FINALLY have it set up. Parents wanted a place where they can create their own blog and journal their child’s journey. I have set one up for Ronan and plan to update it as often as i did with Ronan’s totsite which was my savour not only for me but also my family at the time.

Ronan’s new blog will be updated monthly or more depending on what new milestones he reaches and also with photos. I never really thought much of blogging before i had Ronan but i found it really helpful when Ronan was in hospital and have continued to blog. It is a great way to write down your thoughts not only for yourself but also so family and friends can see the progress. My family all still look at Ronan’s totsite because they all live interstate and it is their way of watching him grow.

If you wish to create your own blog you can do so HERE. Enjoy.

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