Even famous people have premature babies!

October 26, 2007 No Comments »

One unexpected thing about having a prem of my own – suddenly I discovered that prems were everywhere. A good friend I’d known for over 10 years told me for the first time that she had been born 3 months early. An older friend told me her strapping 26 year old had been born 10 weeks early.  My yoga teacher asked a friend to pass on the message that he had been several months prem too, and he’d turned out OK.

One day I passed a familiar looking man in the hospital corridor going into the special care nursery.  He smiled and said hello, and I felt that I knew him already from somewhere, but could not put my finger on it.  Part of me wondered if I had seen him on TV, but that seemed unlikely, and I wondered if perhaps we had been at school together.

It was only a day or two later, when I overheard two nurses talking about cricket (in the football season) that the penny dropped and I realised who the man was – Mike Hussey, a member of the Australian national cricket team and one of the world’s top batsmen.  I had been watching him play in the World Cup only weeks earlier, and now here he was, like me, with a premature daughter in hospital.

Our babies were in adjacent cots just before my daughter was discharged.  I often wondered how little Molly Hussey was going, and so I was very pleased to see that the Husseys have gone public with their premmie story

It is fantastic to see someone who can easily attract press attention using the opportunity to raise the profile of premature babies, the worries faced by their parents, and the great work done by our neonatal care nurseries. 

Plus now I can openly brag about how close I came to someone famous while my daughter was in hospital! 

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