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October 21, 2007 No Comments »

What a tiring day i had today. I was an exhibitor at the expo in Melbourne representing the National Premmie Foundation.  We decided to officially launch the foundation at the expo as we had a chance to talk one on one to parents of premature babies and also family members who knew someone that has had a premature baby. We had a table full of brochures, a raffle with many fantastic prizes, fundraising items like pens, clips, bubbles for the kids and more.

The biggest feature in our exhibition was the humidicrib which was generously donated to us to borrow for the launch. We also had dolls made which represented the size of a real premature baby and the amount of people from the public who just could not fathom how small a premature baby could be and survive was out of this world! Quite a large amount of the general public were not aware of prematures babies and their fight for survival.

Amanda from Loddon Mallee Kids and myself walked one of the humidicribs around the expo for a short while. We had a few people come up and comment that they thought a real baby was going to be inside the crib! I thought that was pretty funny. The day actually went relatively quickly but that would be because of the amount of people i spoke to. I haven’t spoken to so many people in one day for quite a while, since i was in hairdressing actually. My feet are still feeling the soreness from standing all day but it was totally worth it for all the beautiful premature babies out there in NICU and at home with their families.

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