Inspirational Premature Babies Born at 30 Weeks Gestation

Read the inspirational stories of courage and fight for survival from these amazing premature babies born at 30 weeks gestation throughout Australia including advice from their parents.

Premmie Babies Name: Anneliese Bethany
Gestation Born: 30+4 weeks
Weight When Born: 1680g (3lb 110z)
Length When Born: 40cm
Current Age: 3 years
Current Weight Now: 15kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: My daughter was lucky, she was born breathing, and only really needed to fatten up! She is a very clever, talkative little girl, who is looking forward to starting kindy in the new year πŸ™‚

Advice From Parents: Keep a daily journal while in the NICU/SCN. leave it under your bubs cot, and ask the nurses to write in it if possible. Its a lovely thing to look back and see how far they have come… and take pictures. they will amaze you when you look back and see how far they have come, especially since that time in the nursery feels never ending πŸ™‚

Premmie Babies Name: Keira Grace
Gestation Born: 30 weeks
Weight When Born: 1495 grams
Length When Born: 39.5cms
Current Age: 10 and half months
Current Weight Now: 8.4 kgs
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Progressive hearing loss. Upper respiratory viral infection. After 10 months no more physio is required. Opthamologist check ups every 6 months. Attending an early intervention prgramme.

Advice From Parents: To take each day as it comes.

Premmie Babies Name: Mila Lucia
Gestation Born: 30+1 weeks
Weight When Born: 1500 grams
Length When Born: 38.5 cm
Current Age: 23.5 months
Current Weight Now: 9 kgs
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Mila so far has not required any specialist care eg: speech therapy, physio. She has reached her milestones as per her actual age not corrected. She sat at 7 months, crawled at 8 months, walked at 14 months and is currently speaking in 2 – 3 word sentences. The only ongoing issue she is facing is slow weight gains, which we are trying to overcome by eating a very high fat diet (lucky her)

Advice From Parents: You receive so much conflicting advice from different doctors / nurses and pick a few that you trust and listen to what they say.

Premmie Babies Name: Brendan Ryan
Gestation Born: 30+1 weeks
Weight When Born: 1545gm 3lb 6oz
Length When Born: 40.5cm
Current Age: 37 months
Current Weight Now: 12kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Poor immune system, constantly sick with colds, gastro, flu, ect. Thankfully nothing serious(touch wood). Speech and Language Delay, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Hyperactivity, Ear Problems, re-occurring Ear Infections. Brendan sees a Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Child Health Nurse, Paediatrician, Child Psychologist, Ophthalmologist and GP. He is on the waiting list for ENT. He is a very energetic 3 year old and loves to run run run!

Advice From Parents: Take LOTS of pictures. Keep a diary. Stand up for yourself and your baby, dont let the nurses and dr’s push you around just because they are looking after your baby. Take people up on their offers to help.

Premmie Babies Name: Reilly Taylor
Gestation Born: 30 + 6 weeks
Weight When Born: 1.859 kg
Length When Born: 46 cm
Current Age: 13 months
Current Weight Now: 10 kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Reilly is doing fantastic, he is crawling, standing up against the furniture, has walked a few steps with aide and eats well, couldn’t be happier with him, he is in the 50th percentile for his actual age in weight, height and head circumference.

Advice From Parents: Hang in there, it is tough but they do catch up and lead a perfectly normal life. There is also always plenty of support and please use it.

Premmie Babies Name: Quinlan
Gestation Born: 30 weeks
Weight When Born: 1.5 kilos
Length When Born: 40 cm
Current Age: 2 years
Current Weight Now: 12.5 kilos
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Quinlan is a happy and healthy toddler with an inquisitive nature. He has no ongoing health issues.

Premmie Babies Name: Freya Heather
Gestation Born: 30 weeks
Weight When Born: 1.37 kg
Length When Born: 40.5 cm
Current Age: 9 and half months
Current Weight Now: 7.5 kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Freya is our miracle baby. On day 28 in special care nursery a routine head ultrasound showed two PVL cysts on the left side of her brain. Previous head ultrasounds showed no signs of bleeding. We were of course devastated and worried sick. However, not for one second did we let this diagnosis take away our love and excitement of having our baby girl. She is doing remarkable well and currently at corrected age of 7 months can use both hands and legs well. She has great neck control and is almost rolling over! We see a physio twice monthly and have an OT appointment booked. Her smiles and laughter bring so much joy. It’s worrying that she may have cerebral palsy. The not knowing is the hardest. But we take one day at a time and look at all the great things she can do.

Advice From Parents: Try not to use Dr Google too much!! Every baby is different and there is always hope.

Premmie Babies Name: William
Gestation Born: 30+1 weeks
Weight When Born: 1502 grams
Length When Born:
Current Age: 8.5mths
Current Weight Now: 5.11kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: William has struggled with with weight gain and is currently being fattened up (which is hopefully working), and has hearing loss due to a middle ear problem, a trip to the ENT specialist is next on the todo list and possibly grommets. He has also had repeat Upper respitory tract infections (usually mild, with no major issues).

Advice From Parents: Journal, journal, JOURNAL! – in words and in photos/video! you never know when your memeory will fail you and if you write it all down its there when you need it!.

Premmie Babies Name: Caleb S
Gestation Born: 30+2
Weight When Born: 1548grms
Length When Born: 36cm
Current Age: 3mths
Current Weight Now: 4kilos
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Well he come out amazing looking well just very tiny. and need to gain alot of weight.. he come home at 35wks gest end up back in hospital at 37wks gest bronchiolitis and got the bad one respiratory syntactical virus (RSV) and he did not breath on his own for 18days and all so he got pneumonia and lung virus as well…but he got out at full term 2wks but now he is 3mths 13wks and doing amazing still breathing a little hard but doing great…

Advice From Parents: Go with your gut feels if you feel doc/nurse are not good or not tell you info talk up or you will have a very hard time staying there all day.

Premmie Babies Name: Lachlan
Gestation Born: 30 weeks +1 day
Weight When Born: 1700grams
Length When Born: 40cm
Current Age: 5 1/2 months
Current Weight Now: 5.9kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Lachlan is doing very well and has breast feed great from when he was in hospital he just needs to continue to put on weight and grow. He did suffer from a little reflux in the 1st few months.

Advice From Parents: It is very hard to leave your baby in the hospital each day however i look back now and it did actually go quite quick. Also if you can persvere with the expressing it is wonderful to be able to breastfeed. Also be careful that Nan’s etc tell you that your baby should be doing more for his age your baby is premmie therefore will take longer to do things.

Premature Babies Name: Bryce Jackson
Gestation Born: 30 weeks + 6 days
Weight When Born: 1760 grams
Length When Born: 42.5cm
Current Age: 8 months
Current Weight Now: 9kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Only issues we had during Bryce’s hospital stay were jaundice and getting his oxygen sats to stabilise. He was discharged at 37 weeks + 4 days and the only ongoing issue we have is positional talipes for which he is having small amount of physio…. apart from that he hasn’t even had a head cold! And to look at our fatty boombah now you would never know he was a premmie πŸ™‚

Advice From Parents: Keep a journal!!!! I didn’t think to do this as every day seemed like groundhog day, but it is something I regret now πŸ™ You’ll be amazed at how much you forget. Also take lots of photos – we had over 1000 by the time Bryce came home πŸ™‚ Trust your doctors and nurses, but remember it is YOUR baby.

Premature Babies Name: Keelia
Gestation Born: 30 weeks
Weight When Born: 3lb 3oz (1.3kg)
Length When Born: 41.5cm
Current Age: 4 years
Current Weight Now: 17.8kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: She was born at 30 weeks due to me developing pre-eclampsia. She was in NICU for 2 weeks and then in the nursery for 5 weeks. She suffered a punctured lung due to the oxygen she was given, but put weight on right from birth. Luckily the only ongoing problem she has is regular eye check-ups. You would not know to look at her that she was a premmie

Advice From Parents: It’s a very emotionally and physically challenging experience. Having plenty of support from a loving partner, family and friends is essential. Be persistant with medical staff, as it’s your baby and you know them best.

Premmies Name: Indigo Rose
Gestation Born: 30+4 weeks
Weight When Born: 1430 grams
Length When Born:
Current Age: 15 weeks
Current Weight Now: 8 lb
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Indi was born at 30.4 weeks due to spontanious prem labour, of 1 hrs 28 mins in total – stage 2 only lasted 1 min and I was all on my own & no time for steroids. Almost would have been born at home if not for ambulance. Indi came out with the waters and hit the bed with a thud, a sound I’ll never forget. I dont remember getting a look at her until after 10 mins – apgars were at 7. I was able to hold her for a min then she was taken to NICU – didnt get to see her for another hr after that. Dr’s worried about sepsis and breathing issues due to prematuraty of her lungs. Indi was intubated on the first day for a small amount of time, which was hard to watch, as this took three goes to get right. Indi was on cpap for almost three weeks in level 2 then was finally moved to level 3 but after one night was put back on cpap for 2 days due to her o2 stats. Finally the cpap was taken away but the bradys continued. Indi started breastfeeding at just over 34 weeks which I’ve been told is a mission in itself for any baby at that early age. At just over 37 old weeks we were allowed to room in, during which Indi lost weight. We were allowed to go home as we lived close by and were on weekly visits to monitor her weight. Having being home 4 days we returned to the hospital via ambo due to a mucas block and were back in NICU for two more days. We resumed weekly visits to the clinic, which became fortnightly and now monthly and Indi’s weight continues to be on watch as well as her lung function.

Advice From Parents: I tried to keep the journal given to me by the hospital but I found that asking questions, no matter how silly or trivial you may think really helped me undersatnd things along with getting involived from as early on as possible: Doing CARES, baths, weighs & unfortunately being there to watch blood tests, small proceedures etc helped make me feel less helpless and I also got to bond with Indi on a very different level and talk to her about anything. I got to know her manerisims and what she liked and disliked – such as not being woken for anything. Get in as many kangeroo cuddles as possible not only did it benefit indi but also it also provided me with a little bit of comfort and a whole lot of pride and joy.

Premmies Name: Lily-Jai
Gestation Born: 30 weeks
Weight When Born: 1.438kg
Length When Born: 38.5cm
Current Age: 7 years
Current Weight Now: 18kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Lily-Jai was born early due to my age and i had gestational diabetes.

LJ was born a week after my waters broke, in a Hospital in Sydney. She was aided in a humidicrib for 2 days in the NICU special care ward, then transferred into the lower care ward, she was in there for 2 weeks then went into the Nursery for 5 more weeks. LJ has always had a slight heart murmur but we have been reasured that it will come to nothing.

Other then always being the smallest child in class etc, LJ is our gorgeous little girl. Being older parents, we decided she was enough for us. Even though ‘I’ would’ve loved another sibling for her (her dad, my husband, has a 21 year old son from a previous relationship in NZ who never grew up with him), she is the most important ‘person’ in our lives. We love her dearly, with all our heart. Even though she was a pleasant suprise, and she was also early….we would’nt change a thing!!!!

Advice From Parents: My advise would be, as a premmie mummy/parent, you are under enough stress coping. Don’t let anyone (my issue were certain Nurse) tell you what’s good for your baby and for you. You are the owner of Your body. You are the one that has to cope with what you can give/offer you baby. You do the best you can with your knowledge and knowing what your body is capable of.

I didn’t cope well, and suffered guilt from certain nurses because I couldn’t Breastfeed. To me that was supposed to be the best part of bonding with your Baby. I never could, and was made to feel inferior… to this day the guilt still stays with me. PND played a large part which lead to panick attacks and depresssion + anxiety.

So go with your gut instinct. Your the mum and mum knows BEST!!

Premmies Name: Zoe
Gestation Born: 30+5 weeks
Weight When Born: 1481 grams
Length When Born: 42cms
Current Age: 11 months
Current Weight Now: 8kgs
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: We were extremely fortunate to have a very early starter with no problems, just very little. It was a very humbling experience for us.

Advice From Parents: Learn about what is happening with your premmie baby but try not to research anything more than that. It’s too stressful learning about ALL potential complications with premmies and unnecessary if stress if it is information you won’t need that won’t help!

Premmies Name: Ella rose
Gestation Born: 30+4 weeks
Weight When Born: 1290 grams
Length When Born: 37cms
Current Age: 16 weeks (6 adjusted)
Current Weight Now: 4kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Ella rose was born at 30+4 after emergency c section for severe fetal distress after I had spent 3 weeks in intensive care. Ella weighed 1290 grams and 37cm long a little on the small side. She was given mask oxygen and surfactant and tried to breathe on her own but at 4 hours old was put on to the ventilator for 30 hours then onto CPAP for 2 days. On day 2 Ella began seizing and was put on phenobarbital and also was jaundiced so spent the following 2 days under blue lights. At 5 days old we were given the devastating news she had suffered a grade 4 bleed on the left side of her brain in the Periventrical white matter. We we’re heartbroken but it got worse at her follow up MRI they discovered it had progressed to bilateral cystic pvl (brain damage) it was extensive and extended from the back to the frontal lobes. We were told she would have a 90%chance of developing cerebral palsy and also 30% increased chance of epilepsy and also likely to have intellectual disabilities. They said she would most likely need a g tube for feeding and would never achieve oral feeding. They were wrong after two months in NICU Ella came home on full suck feeds and has thrived physically and developmentally she is on track she does have tightness in her legs and epilepsy but no diagnoses of CP as yet she is only 6 weeks adjusted. Her prognosis is slightly brighter now her pediatrician is amazed at her progress she is in early intervention and sees a number of specialist and has regular MRI tests and EEG’s. She is also high risk for progressive hearing and sight loss which she will be monitored for but nothing so far.

Advice From Parents: Surround yourself with support. The doctors have to give you the statistics this does not mean its set in stone never give up hope. Believe in your baby they’re spirit and determination will amaze you. Inform yourself as much as you can but at the same time don’t get too caught up on statistics and horrible things that can go wrong. Most of all enjoy your precious little miracle you will get through this!

Premmies Name: Luka
Gestation Born: 30+2
Weight When Born: 783 grams
Length When Born: 25.5 cm
Current Age: 12 months
Current Weight Now: 8.5 kilos
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: My little one was in hospital for 9 weeks. During that time we found out she was born with a cyst on her brain, almost went blind and thought she had a cleft palate. The day we went home, we never went back. We had weekly check ups at a clinic for her weight, but that was it. She is perfectly healthy now. the only thing is we have to help her put on weight. She is crawling and walking in a walker so much that the weight isn’t sticking.

Advice From Parents: Ask as many questions as you can. doesn’t matter how stupid you think they are. It helps a lot.

Premmies Name: Myra & Diya
Gestation Born: 30+6 weeks
Weight When Born: 1200 gms & 1400 gms
Length When Born:
Current Age: 2 years & 5 months
Current Weight Now: 13 kilos
Advice From Parents:Β  Listen to your instincts!

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