Inspirational Premature Babies Born at 27 Weeks Gestation

Read the inspirational stories of courage and fight for survival from these amazing premature babies born at 27 weeks gestation throughout Australia including advice from their parents.

Premmie Babies Name: Emma
Gestation Born: 27 weeks
Weight When Born: 510 grams
Length When Born: 27 cm
Current Age: 3.5 years
Current Weight Now: 10.9kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: The outlook for Emma is fantastic. She is a normal little girl who is just small for her age. She is an asthmatic due to her lungs – but that is easily managed.

The only issue she faces is severe food aversion and extreme hyper-sensitivity. She is still bottle-fed as she does not ANY solid food at all. Her bottles are a special formula which provides her with nutrients and calories to help her grow. Due to her lack of diet she does tend to get ill constantly. We work very closely with a speech therapist (her speech is advanced but they also work with children who have eating disorders), an OT, a dietician and her paed. She has an excellent support network around her.

Premmie Babies Name: Charlie
Gestation Born: 27 weeks 6 days
Weight When Born: 618 g or 1 pd 5 1/2 ounces
Length When Born: not recorded..we guessed about 30cm
Current Age: 29 1/2 Months
Current Weight Now: 10 kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Charlie is doing fantastic and we have been so blessed that he has had few issues requiring any intervention. We hope we continue to be blessed that way. His main problems to date were low trunk tone meaning he was a late sitter, he is also petite and struggles to gain weight. He has had some speech delay also but is making big gains in that area.

Premmie Babies Name: Ronan
Gestation Born: 27+3 weeks
Weight When Born: 1140 grams
Length When Born: 37.5cms
Current Age: 8yrs
Current Weight Now: 16kgs
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Ronan attended physio for low muscle tone until he started walking. He was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder at 2 years old and attended early intervention for 6 years. His speech is still delayed at 8 years old but receives a lot of support through school and an aide and currently attends a mainstream school. Ronan was diagnosed with Autism at 6 years old but nothing holds him back. He has won several awards at school for his kindness, good behavior, manners and hard work over the years.

Advice From Parents: Talking to other parents certainly does help also joining forums where you can chat at your leisure from home connects you with other families. Take heaps of pictures and either keep a diary or start a blog!

Premmie Babies Name: Arielle Grace
Gestation Born: 27 + 1 weeks
Weight When Born: 605 grams
Length When Born: 36 cms
Current Age: 13 months
Current Weight Now: 7.5kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Arielle is a happy and contented baby and is thrieving despite her premmie start to life. She is very active and social and enjoys ‘bopping’ along to music and songs with her mum and dad. Arielle has had 2 lots of laser eye surgery for ROP but has received positive reports from the eye clinic so far in her recovery. She does have an a-stigmatism in her right eye which she has unfortunately inherited from her mother and grandfather (nothing to do with the ROP).

Advice From Parents: My piece of advice would be to take one day at a time and record the little achievements that your son/daughter makes (every gram is worth celebrating in the early days)! Its amazing how the time will eventually pass and it will one day make for an interesting/emotional discussion with your child as to the journey they and you went through. Its also a constant reminder of how special and precious our little fighting prems are!

Premmie Babies Name: Elisha
Gestation Born: 27+6 weeks
Weight When Born: 915 grams
Length When Born: 30 cms
Current Age: 12 months (9 corrected)
Current Weight Now: 10kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Our 4th child decided to break my waters at 21 weeks. After a mercy dash to Perth we made it to 27 weeks. She had a long time on Cpap and after discharge from kemh, we ended back in Pmh 4 times with Apnea related issues and for a double hernia op. She is 9 months corrected and it all seems like a dream. She is a fat, happy baby who is crawling and is very social.She has a touch of chronic lung disease, but she sounds clearer as every day passes. It gets easier!!

Advice From Parents: The best advice I can give to parents going through this is: Be with your baby as much as you can, it helps you feel like you are contributing to their progress in the NICU. It is a very lonely time with you feeling like the world truelly doesnt understand what you are going through as a family.The nurses are your best place to turn. They are fabulous human beings who know this scenario inside out. I learnt something else too… you cannot BOSS the situation around, your baby will do everything in their OWN time, just be patient and and know that this year will end and it will seem like a dream.. I promise you that.

Premmie Babies Name: Eleanor Mary Rapley
Gestation Born: 27wks 6 days
Weight When Born: 1278gms
Length When Born: 40cm
Current Age: 4yrs 5mths
Current Weight Now: 15kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Eleanor has just started kindy this year. She is a very determined, strong, bubbly, energetic little girl. The determination she has had from the minute she was born. She is slightly smaller than other girls her age, but is very lucky to have had no ongoing health issues.

Advice From Parents: Eleanor was due on Christmas Eve. Coming so early, so unexpectedly, Christmas would have been the last thing on our minds. But we held onto the hope and were determined we would be going home as a family to spend our first Christmas together. Everyday, we walked into the SCN smiling, our little girl was alive, and we felt (or hoped) Eleanor would sense our positive energy and determined outlook.
Try and be positive, try and smile, we did, and our baby girl was discharged 3 weeks before her due date. We spent Christmas at home as a family.

Premature Babies Name: Emily
Gestation Born: 27+4 weeks
Weight When Born: 1065grams
Length When Born: 35cm
Current Age: 3.5yrs
Current Weight Now: 14.5kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Emily spent 100 days in the NICU & came home without oxygen but was put on oxygen at 11 mths of age due to failure to thrive, pulmonary hypertension, suspected chronic lung disease & a small (or so they thought) PDA. At 18 mths she had her very large PDA surgically closed but she is left with severe pulmonary hypertension & maybe on oxygen for life.

Advice From Parents: Remember ‘baby steps for babies’ & take each day as it comes. It will be a journey full of ups & downs that most of your friends & family wont be able to understand. Take comfort, support & courage from other families in the NICU & prem support organisations.

Premature Babies Name: Elisha
Gestation Born: 27 weeks
Weight When Born: 870gms
Length When Born: 40cm
Current Age: 12 months
Current Weight Now: 8 kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: For a baby born ar 27 weeks we have been very lucky – no health problems/ I was 46 years old when she was born and thinking I was going through early Menopause did not consider being pregnant so no testing done. Pregnancy confirmed at 24 weeks and she was born 3 weeks later due to pre eclampsia. My 4th daughter – my others being 22 yrs, 19 yrs and 18 yrs old.

Advice From Parents: Ask questions all the time about what is being done to your baby. Try and form a good relationship with your babies nurse/s and doctors they will give you great support!

Premature Babies Name: Aaron
Gestation Born: 27 weeks gestation
Weight When Born: 1120 grams
Length When Born: Wasn’t recorded
Current Age: nearly 4yrs old
Current Weight Now: 22kg / 115cm tall
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: We have been very lucky as he only spent 9 days in nicu and 11 weeks in scn. he has gone from strength to strength the only thing that he has required due to his prematurity is glasses.He has meet all milestones on time if not earlier we couldnt be more grateful for the wonderful work the drs and nurses do so thankyou.

Advice From Parents: For us we always tried to remain positive and try not to become to overwhelmed and remember you need to rest too to be strong for whatever may come.

Premmies Name: Caleb and James (twins)
Gestation Born: 27 weeks
Weight When Born: 1086 & 1068 grams
Length When Born:
Current Age: Caleb (deceased due to cancer at 18months) James 6
Current Weight Now: 25kgs approx
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Caleb and James were born at 27 weeks brought on by spontaneous labour. They spent 3 months In hospital. Caleb was the diagnosed with cancer and passed away in 2007. James has met all
Milestones and continues to with only sensitivity to loud noises.

Advice From Parents: Take each second, minute, hour, day at a time. Be kind to yourself and trust those in care of your precious one.

Premmies Name: Elam Paulisi
Gestation Born: 27 weeks
Weight When Born: 640 grams
Length When Born:
Current Age: 8 months
Current Weight Now: 5.5 kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: He was born very small and I was very scared to touch him on my first day of seeing him, he was on oxygen and light therapy for a week, other that he didn’t have health problems. We stayed in hospital for about 3 months for him to at least reach a weight of 1.8kg. He’s not able to sit on his own he still needs support. The only thing that I’m worried about its his weight gain. He’s healthy and on solids food already and hopefully he’ll pick up weight as the doctor said he’s underweight for his age and his doctor said he’s a miracle baby and I agree with her.

Advice From Parents: Firstly you must accept your child that he/she’s premature and have faith that he’ll make it in life. Pray for her to survive the health difficulties of being prem and talk to other moms who’re going through the same thing. Ask doctors questions where you don’t understand.

Premmies Name: Cooper
Gestation Born: 27+5 weeks
Weight When Born: 753 grams
Length When Born:
Current Age: 19 weeks
Current Weight Now: 4.5 kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Cooper has done so well.
After a collapsed lung, 7 weeks on ventilation and a blood transfusion, we were able to take a healthy happy 2.8kg baby home 77 days later.

Premmies Name: Frankie
Gestation Born: 27+1 weeks
Weight When Born: 1.068kgs / 2lb 6oz
Length When Born:
Current Age: 10 weeks
Current Weight Now: 4.91kgs / 10lb 12oz
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Frankie struggled to keep his lung open so was on CPAP for a long time and in oxygen. Has chronic lung, thin bones, oedema and was anaemic which resulted in 3 blood transfusions. Frankie come home in oxygen after 86 days in special care. Frankie completely crashed and need full resuscitation after being home for 4 days due to storing fluid on his lungs, he was readmitted for 8 days then come home on diuretics which cleared his lungs and managed to come off oxygen completely. Frankie has monthly RSV injections during winter months to help him. Frankie has now started baby rice and loves his food. At 23 weeks (10 corrected) he’s able to hold his head well. Push up on feet and sit up aided with cushions.

Advice From Parents: Take everyday as it comes, it will get easier. Everyday they are getting that little bit stronger and better. Time is a healer, they are little miracles, just try to enjoy them as much as you can.

Premmies Name: Dyllon
Gestation Born: 27+1 weeks
Weight When Born: 910 Grams
Length When Born: 35cms
Current Age: 3.5 months
Current Weight Now: 3kgs
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Dyllon came an hour after i had a cord prolapse by c section. The Doctor said he was in an unsatisfactory condition and the next 3 days will crucial. Dyllon came through he was on ventilator for 1 month but for some reason he wasn’t gaining weight as he should. He had to fight his way after being diagnosed with NEC. Had a few blood transfusion even had to shave his head in order to place an access cause no other veins was accessible . He came home after 78 days. I thank god that so far Dyllon don’t have no health issues.

Advice From Parents: My advice is to never lose faith as bad as the situation might seem. Always think positive and say my baby will be home soon.

Premmies Name: Dyllon
Gestation Born: 27+1 weeks
Weight When Born: 910 grams
Length When Born: 35cms
Current Age: 3.5 months
Current Weight Now: 3kg or 6.6lbs
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Dyllon came an hour after i had a cord prolapse by c-section. The Doctor said he was in an unsatisfactory condition and the next 3 days will be crucial. Dyllon came through, he was on ventilator for 1 month but for some reason he wasn’t gaining weight as he should. He had to fight his way after being diagnosed with NEC. Had a few blood transfusion even had to shave his head in order to place an access cause no other veins was accessible . He came home after 78 days. I thank god that so far Dyllon don’t have no health issues.

Advice From Parents: My advice is to never lose faith as bad as the situation might seem. Always think positive and say my baby will be home soon

Premmies Name: Valarie
Gestation Born: 27+ 5 weeks
Weight When Born: 545grams
Length When Born: 29 cms
Current Age: 5 1/2 years old
Current Weight Now: 12kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Valarie was born so early due to pre- eclampsia and HELLP syndrome and was only given a 10 % chance of survival my husband and I were told they wouldn’t resuscitate if she didn’t breath . But she did , she was placed on a ventilator for 25 hours and then CPAP for another 6 weeks and was given 3 blood transfusions with no major problems only her size , she came home at 1 week term and now a thriving 5 year old still small but is amazing

Advice From Parents: Remember they are so small and will only have small victories but everyone is big
Take it day by day they will get there in there own time.

Premmies Name: Zoi
Gestation Born: 27+3 weeks
Weight When Born: 1130 g (2lb 8oz)
Length When Born: 36 cm ( 1ft 2,173in )
Current Age: 16 months
Current Weight Now: 9 kg (19lbs 13,5oz)
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Zoi is a happy, extremely smart, content girl and we still can’t believe what she got through, and everything ended more than fine. She is very active and social and enjoys repeating everything we say. She’s fast crawler and about to start walking anytime now.

She never had any lung problems, although she was in incubator for 2 months. The main problem she had was Intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH), 3rd grade, which is considered more severe bleeding. The blood presses on or leaks into brain tissue. This can lead to increased fluid in the brain (hydrocephalus). When we left hospital, she was fine, but there was still clogs on the ultrasound. First check at the doctor, showed that her brain was completely clear of all blood from the IVF, and no signs of it all. Like she never had it! Her head is completely normal size, and like I said, she’s intelligent above average.

She got one shot of some new medicine in both eyes, due to ROP, and that was it. Even we finished therapy with some eye drops, after 3-4 months. She has perfect vision as well. I did my best to keep my milk, and I think that it has major role in her recovery. I’m still breastfeeding her and she haven’t been sick not even for a day, since she left hospital! We are thankful with every day, that she got through everything with no ongoing issues so far! She’s like any other term baby, and even better.

Advice From Parents: Don’t listen to anyone, just choose what you want to believe. She had lots of bad prognoses for life, and none of them got true! We believed she’ll be fine. I was reading only positive stories, and nothing else. Every baby is an individual! And my warm advice is Kangaroo method. As soon doctors let you, start with it. It’s most amazing and most helpful thing for your preemie! No science will ever substitute the nature! Good luck to you all!

Premmies Name: Ntando
Gestation Born: 27 weeks
Weight When Born: 815 grams
Length When Born: 34cms
Current Age: 3 weeks
Current Weight Now: 970 grams
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: When Ntando was born she was categorised under the ELBW (extremely low birth weight). So far everything is just normal except that she is struggling to come off the oxygen. As she can’t totally breath on her own.

Advice From Parents: The best support is from the mommies that are going through the same problem as you. The ladies in the express room, talk to them as they know how you feel.

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