Inspirational Premature Babies Born at 23 Weeks

Read the inspirational stories of courage and fight for survival from these amazing premature babies born at 23 weeks gestation throughout Australia including advice from their parents.

Premmie Babies Name: Casey Lee Hoffman
Gestation Born: 23+6 weeks
Weight When Born: 720 grams
Length When Born: 30cms
Current Age: 11yrs
Current Weight Now: 25kilo’s
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Casey was born with chronic lung disease and needed Laser surgery 3 times on both her eyes. Casey still suffers from asthma now but seems to be growing out if it now. Casey still see’s her eye specialist once every year. Her last appointment showed great results with them taking pictures and wanting to publish them of her eyes and what a success her surgery was.. Casey did have many problems in the first 12months of her life but has come a very long way.

Advice From Parents: You never know what’s around the next corner so take each day as it comes.

Premmie Babies Name: Jaiden
Gestation Born: 23+4 weeks
Weight When Born: 1lb 1oz
Length When Born: 25cm
Current Age: 2 years 2 months
Current Weight Now: 22lb 5oz
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Jaiden had severe liver disease and had bits taken out over numerous operations whilst he was in hospital. Each time it failed and he ended up having a transplant. A small piece of his dads which has so far been successful. Although it’s not a premature thing. Luckily Jaiden has been very healthy. The only issue we have now is fine motor and language delay. Although he is improving. We will find out at his 2 year corrected check end of October whether he will have learning difficulties or not

Advice From Parents: Take each day as it comes. Don’t be upset if your baby takes a step or two backwards. One day they will take three or four forwards. And try and focus on all the positives.

Premmie Babies Name: Ethan & Ava
Gestation Born: 23+3 wks & 23+4 wks (born day apart)
Weight When Born: 1lb & 1lb 2oz
Length When Born: 21cms & 23cms
Current Age: 18 months
Current Weight Now: 17lb 6oz & 18lb 7oz
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: To begin with drs weren’t going to intervene with Ethan. But we had a very compassionate neonatologist. He was given a less then 10% chance of survival and from day 1 he’s shown what a fighter he is. Ethan was in hospital for 8 months wheras Ava came home at 4 months. Ethan has asthma and his immune system is very low and catches everything going around. At the moment he is just behind target for his corrected age in most areas.

Ava’s leg was dislocated at birth as she was breech and got stuck. She was unable to move it for months and faces a few more years of physiotherapy. Although she is moving it more and more now, we are still unsure whether she will walk or even crawl

Advice From Parents: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be at the hospital all the time. You need to keep yourself healthy too. Think of today, not tomorrow.

Premmie Babies Name: Ryko
Gestation Born: 23+2 weeks
Weight When Born: 700 grams
Length When Born: 27cm
Current Age: 23.5 months
Current Weight Now: 9 kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: My son was born at 23 weeks after an exhausting pregnancy. He suffers from chronic lung disease, metabolic bone disease, heart failure ( has has his PDA ligated), has had two bilateral hernia repairs a perforated bowel which needed surgery,asthma laser eye surgery and when he came home he spent the first 7 months home on oxygen.

Advice From Parents: No matter how hard it gets somedays try not to get upset. Be strong..

Premmie Babies Name: Levi
Gestation Born: 23+5 weeks
Weight When Born: 580 grams
Length When Born: 28cms
Current Age: 10 months
Current Weight Now: 6.5kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Levi is a content and happy little boy. He has Chronic Lung Disease, Hypocalcaemia (resolved), ROP (corrected with Laser) and bilateral hernia repair. He has been home on oxygen for 5 months – although only at night time now. He is generally meeting his developmental milestones, although is behind a little physically with strength ie ability to lift head for extended periods on tummy and sit unassisted. His quality of life is excellent as he enjoys all the delights that life has to offer.

Advice From Parents: My favourite quote:
“We are most alive when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”
Read something positive everyday, carry it in your heart and pass it onto your precious baby.

Premmie Babies Name: Lydia Grace
Gestation Born: 23+2 weeks
Weight When Born: 580g (1lb 4.5oz)
Length When Born: 30.9cms
Current Age: 14.5 months
Current Weight Now: 9kgs, (19lb 9oz)
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: As stated above, my daughter was born 17 weeks too early. Within the first week of being born, she had brain bleeds. She now has possible Cerebral Palsy in her right arm/leg which was caused from extreme prematurity. But other than that, she’s perfect. She’s my miracle.

Advice From Parents: Take each day as it comes. Some days it looks like they’re flying ahead, then the day after it seems like you’re back at square one. The long journey is worth it at the end!! Hang in there.

Premature Babies Name: Hudson
Gestation Born: 23+4 weeks
Weight When Born: 580 grams
Length When Born: 30 cm
Current Age: 4 years
Current Weight Now: 15 kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Hudson suffered from NEC, ROP and CLD during his 5 1/2 months in the NICU and spent 15 more months on night-time oxygen at home. He suffers mild cerebral palsy and Global Developmental Delays but is the most inspirational, gorgeous little boy ever! He is in kindy now at an early intervention centre and he loves it!

Advice From Parents: Make friends with other parents…they’ll understand what you are going through more than anyone else, both in hospital and in the years after you leave.

Premature Babies Name: Charlene
Gestation Born: 23+1 weeks
Weight When Born: 545grams
Length When Born: 29cm
Current Age: 8 months
Current Weight Now: 6 kilos
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Charlene spent 4 months and 12 days at WCH Adelaide. She was retrieved from Mildura Base Hospital by the Flying Doctors. She had no surgery, and she came home without oxygen. According to the Flying Doctors she is the lightest baby that they retrieved from a small hospital that survived. According to the head unit specialist of the NICU/NURSERY, Charlene is the only 23 week baby they have that have no major issues. At present she’s a very healthy bubbly baby, she’s doing all the right thing a 4 month old baby doing and according to her paediatrician she’s even a month advanced on her development. Charlene never had laser eye treatment which most babies below 24 weeks had. Looking back giving us 15 minutes to decide if we want her resuscitated always put tears in our eyes. I thank God for Charlene’s life. God moves in amazing ways!

Advice From Parents: As much as possible spend a lot of time with your prem baby. Always remember mother instinct really works, you need to speak out about what you observe on your baby to the specialist.

Premature Babies Name: Kian
Gestation Born: 23+5 weeks gestation
Weight When Born: 695 grams
Length When Born: 30cms
Current Age: 16mths – 12 corrected
Current Weight Now: 7.2kgs
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Kian has “failure to thrive” as he is so small, but is a happy little man. He has Chronic lung disease, a stigmatizsm in left eye but apart from that, we are relatively lucky he has come out a healthy boy! He was in hospital for 218 days – 7 months. And has now been home for 7 months, and our lives are forever changed thanks to his spirit!

Advice From Parents: Never turn down an oportunity to hold, touch or even change a bappy on your prem! That bonding time is essential and saying no, as you are too scared, is something that you dont want to regret,

Premature Babies Name: Alessia and Lara
Gestation Born: Alessia 23+3weeks , Lara 25+5 weeks. Twins born 16 days apart!
Weight When Born: Alessia 600 grams and Lara 810 grams
Length When Born: Alessia 30cm and Lara 35cm
Current Age: 18 months
Current Weight Now: 10 kgs each
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Our twins have amazed us and doctors right from the start with Alessia’s water breaking and Lara not wanting to come out! She held on until doctor decided she had to be csectioned, otherwise she was going to stay! We have been extremely lucky with the girls. Alessia had a rocky but steady start as she was on the edge of viability but showed good signs right from the start. After 15 weeks in hospital , she came home on oxygen for 2 weeks only . She has had no surgery . She however has a hospital admissions for bronciulitus ans pnemonia but always recovers well. Lara was only intubated for a few days before cpap then into cot oxygen and came home same time as Alessia and no home oxygen , also no surgeries. Girls are 14months corrected and Lara has been walking for around 2 months and Alessia walks with her hand held walker. Both girls are really healthy and reaching milestones.

Advice From Parents: Make friends with other parents and talk to each other for support. I made a few friends and still keep in contact now.

Premature Babies Name: Joshua
Gestation Born: 23+4 weeks
Weight When Born: 680 grams
Length When Born: He wasnt measured
Current Age: 11
Current Weight Now: 29kg
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: He had a grade 4 haemorhage which left him with mild spastic dysplasia and he had 2 lots of laser surgery for ROP. He was also diagnosed as profoundly deaf at 34 weeks he has had bilateral cochlear implants. He is a happy healthy 11yr old he was slow meeting his milestones but has definately caught up to his peers.

Advice From Parents: Never ever give up hope.

Premature Babies Name: Jaden
Gestation Born: 23+4 weeks
Weight When Born: 720 grams
Length When Born:
Current Age: 14 months old
Current Weight Now: 8.740 kilo , 19lbs
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Jaden is now 14mths he as over come so much. He had laser eye surgery, pda, nec, cld and bleeding in the brain. He is still on oxygen only because of his weight wasn’t going up but he will be off soon. He is rolling & saying small words & he is a bit delayed in development but I am positive he will get there. His bleeding hasn’t affected him and I am glad he is here. He is a happy boy!

Advice From Parents: Take one day at a time, pray, have faith & god will deliver. You would be amazed. It can be a long journey but it’s not forever.

Premmies Name: Kunmi
Gestation Born: 23 weeks
Weight When Born: 1Lb 2oz
Length When Born: 11 inches
Current Age: 2 years
Current Weight Now: 28Lb 5oz
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Kunmi was born with a chronic lung disease, he was given a 12% chance of survival. He had a heart surgery (PDA), he also had Hernia surgery and ear surgery. His first feeding he took 1 ml. He went home on both oxygen and monitor, 3 weeks after he got home he turned blue and was rushed back to the hospital while he was recuscitate and was in the hospital for another 1 month. He is now 2 years doing good. Kunmi is a real fighter, a survival and a miracle child.

Advice From Parents: You need to be strong for your baby.

Premmies Name: Dimitri
Gestation Born: 23+5 weeks
Weight When Born: 650 grams
Length When Born: 32cms
Current Age: 16 months
Current Weight Now: 8 kgs
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Dimitri has Chronic Lung Disease and came home on a respiratory monitor after 8.5 months in hospital. He had a laryngeal reconstruction graft as his airways were narrow. He is still tube fed due to problems swallowing liquids. No hernias, no ROP and no brain bleeds. We are very fortunate for this. He is a happy kid and is Interested in everything!

Advice From Parents: You’ll never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

Premmies Name: Baileigh
Gestation Born: 23+5
Weight When Born: 1pound 2oz
Length When Born: – 
Current Age: 2yrs
Current Weight Now: 12kgs
Advice From Parents: stay positive you may be surprised at how strong such a little bub can be.

Premmies Name: Dominic
Gestation Born: 23+3 weeks
Weight When Born: 1pound 7oz
Length When Born: 12 inches
Current Age: 4 months
Current Weight Now: 6pounds 6oz
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues: Dominic was born 4 months early. He was such a little fighter he breathed on his on for the first couple of hours after birth. He had bleeding on the brain and a PDA as well as chronic lung disease. He still has chronic lung disease. His PDA closed with ibuprofen and the bleeding on his brain went a way with time. He had multiple blood transfusions. He came home on oxygen and remained on oxygen for three weeks. He got off the oxygen just in time for mother’s day! Dominic is a happy, goofy, greedy baby! He is my blessing my miracle for i was told i wouldn’t be able to have children.

Advice From Parents: Be strong, your child may look fragile but they are soldiers.

Premmies Name: Jake
Gestation Born: 23 weeks and 1 day
Weight When Born: 1.3 lb
Length When Born: 30 cm
Current Age: 5 weeks old
Current Weight Now: 680 grams
Babies Outlook/Ongoing Issues:
Advice From Parents:

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