Australian Premature Birth Awareness Ribbon

The National Premmie Foundation has created the Australian Premature Birth Awareness Ribbon to raise awareness of the issues surrounding premature birth and the effects it has on families.

The ribbon in the form of a lapel pin was launched in November 2012 as part of the World Prematurity Day celebrations. lapelpinshop

Parents of premature infants may experience an enormous amount of trauma, stress and grief as they deal with the prolonged hospitalised of their child and the on-going health concerns and problems associated with their child’s early arrival. In addition to the emotional stress many families face logistical and financial difficulties, especially with regard to accommodation, child care and transport.

The ribbon has been designed to honour the thousands of babies born too soon in Australia each year and their struggle to survive. The colours of the ribbon represent the members of the National Premmie Foundation (Preterm Infants Parents Association, L’il Aussie Prems Foundation, Loddon Mallee Kids and Yasminah’s Gift of Hope) who all work to provide support to parents of babies born early. The little feet on the ribbon symbolises the journey and of course the tiny size of the prem baby when born. The colour purple has been used in Australia and elsewhere to represent premature birth and green has also been used to raise awareness in Australia.

When you buy a Premature Birth Awareness Ribbon you will help the parent associations to keep up their important work of providing support to affected families.

If you are a prem parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle etc buy a ribbon to honour the struggle of your tiny family member. Wear it visibly and explain to anyone who asks what it stands for.

You can purchase the awareness ribbon via our online store.