Articles on Premature Birth

This is a collection of articles that we hope you will find helpful and educational as parents or relatives of premature babies. Our articles give you tips on coping in the NICU/SCN, information about what to expect after the birth of a premature baby, survival statistics, symptoms of premature labour, interacting with your baby and more.

If you have any questions relating to your baby’s care and complications always speak to your doctor or the staff caring for your child.



premmie baby first few weeks

premature baby interaction




premature baby - taking care of yourself

baby might be premature

survival of premature babies

expressing for premature baby

breastfeeding premature baby

premmie kangaroo care

premature birth causes

premmie coming home

premmie corrected age

living premature baby


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The subject matter provided in these articles is strictly for informational purposes alone and should never be used in the place of a doctor’s advice. Please ALWAYS contact your doctor if you ever have questions or need advice in any area where medical advice is needed or medication is suggested.