Our Premmie Hero Nominees

We are receiving some amazing nominations for our 2010 “Local Premmie Hero Awards”. We will be regularly sharing the wonderful achievements of our nominees over the coming months. Our nominees give so much to help others in the premmie community. We are sure that they will inspire you.

Our wonderful team of judges have a very hard task ahead.

If you know of a “premmie hero” who volunteers their time to help families nominate them today.


Toby – South Australia


Toby’s outstanding achievement in putting together to raise money for the Flinders Medical centre NICU is the reason why he has been nominated. Toby has organised an event called ” butts on bikes for bubs” where a group of ten riders are riding from Melbourne to Adelaide to raise money for medical equipment for the NICU. Toby is humble, giving by nature and see’s this ride as a way for him to give back to the community and people touched by premature birth. Toby is taking along 9 other riders who are all amateurs at long distance riding and under Toby’s guidance and motivation they are taking on the challenge. So far the group collectively has raised $10,000 and they hope to raise more before the ride which takes place in May 2010. Toby has set up a web site so people can sponsor online and keep track of dollars raised at www.everydayhero.com.au. He has organised events locally including a quiz night and is putting his heart and soul into this event to raise more money. Organising the event it has been a pinnacle in his life and completing it will be the icing on the cake.


Helen – New South Wales


Helen works tirelessly to assist new mums and dads of premature babies in Orange. She is always the first one at the hospital to greet new parents and always has a hand knitted teddy bear for each baby. Jodie (her great neice) had the pleasure of transferring to Orange Base Hospital after 101 days in Canberra NICU with her two surviving triplets. Helen was there with a smile from ear to ear to greet them with teddy bears and bonnets and booties. The time she dedicates to this service in invaluable.


Parool – Victoria

parool In 2003 Parool had a premature baby boy & at the time there was no support available to parents. Parool decided she had to change this so in 2005 together with 5 other premmie mums they started the charity Lifes Little Treasures of which she is now president and played a major role is forming the Premmie Foundation. She works tirelessly to provide the support network that families require on leaving hospital & most importantly strives to create awareness amongst the community.

Over the years she has made many personal sacrifices because what LLT stands for was so important to her & her beliefs. If she not on the phone she on the email 24/7, always working even on holidays!. Her ultimate wish is to provide information, support and encouragement to families with premature babies, empowering them to achieve the best outcomes for their children. She is always available when needed by a family & will do everything in her power to assist them.  She has a dream and is well on the way to fulfilling it. She’ll never take no for an answer! we are blessed to have her on our side…


Dr Cartwright – Queensland

LAPlogoDr Cartwright goes above and beyond his role in NICU/SCN at the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital. Dr Cartwright basically never goes home, he is there early to late EVERY day, he rarely takes weekends off and when he is on holidays he rings in to ask about his patients. In fact he’s been known to ring in during the early hours of the morning at other times. He has rung his patients mobiles on many occasions post NICU to check on how their children are going and always makes sure that he does follow up appointments himself. He is also very involved if not the driving force behind a lot of research and development in the premature baby world. He has written textbooks and other publications on the care of extremely premature babies which is insightful to parents of prems.


Stephanie – Queensland


Stephanie & her identical twin sister were born at 31 weeks gestation in 1996 and spent 6 weeks in hospital. From the age of 12 months until 5 years of age Stephanie suffered from numerous hospital admissions due to breathing difficulties and allergies. During this time she was desperately underweight and always looked unwell. Finally at aged 5, two ENT (ear, nose and throat) operations helped her to overcome her problems and since that time she has never looked back. From that time on she has taken every opportunity to enjoy life, be involved in numerous sports and to help other community members. Stephanie is now aged nearly 14 and is an athletic, healthy teenager. In 2007 aged 11, Stephanie decided she needed to do something to help other premature babies. She signed up to fundraise for the Mater Mothers’ Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Since that day Stephanie has worked over 100 hours annually to fundraise for the unit and done so much more. Without corporate contacts her fundraising has been through an enormous amount of time and effort.

To date Stephanie has raised $15,000 for the NICU and also highlighted and promoted the work carried out by the unit and the need for fundraising to be carried out for the hospital. This has been through numerous newspaper and magazine articles and web site information. She was the premature baby who is now helping other premature babies and their families.


Sarah – Queensland

sarahpic Sarah has founded a network for Central QLD mums and dads of premature babies and has been working hard to get a website up and running full of useful and very helpful information called CQ Prems. As well as this she is a mum of four (2 of which were premmies) and is also studing nursing at university. Sarah has a lot on her plate yet she still manages to find time to help others. Sarah is an integral committee member for the National Premmie Foundation which hold National Premmie Day celebrations throughout the country each year. Sarah is a “go getter” and puts everything she has into providing the best support to families.


Nola – Western Australia

nola Nola is the grandmother to little Gemma born at 30 weeks gestation weighing 920 grams (a surviving twin). Nola lives in Western Australia and was nominated by her daughter. Since her grand daughter was 4 weeks old Nola has been sewing humidy crib covers, matching bags, peanut pillows and clothes for premmie and tiny babies and donating them to the King Edward Memorial Hospital in WA with all material funded by herself and a few lovely friends. She also takes in regular updates and photo’s of Gemma into the hospital to help give others hope at the end of the sometimes long and very daunting tunnel. Nola has been a rock for her daughter and the many families with babies in the King Edward Memorial Hospital who are the lucky recipients of her good will and love for our precious premature babies.


Nominate your “premmie hero” today.