About Us

acnc-registered-charity-tickL’il Aussie Prems Foundation provides support and services to families of premature and sick newborns online and in the community, raises awareness of premature birth, donates equipment to Australian NICU/SCN’s and awards selfless volunteers who make a difference each year.

We are a registered charity solely run by volunteers and host Australia’s largest online community forum. For many years, our website and forum have helped to connect parents together who have travelled a similar path whilst encouraging families to share their personal and unique journey through our website. No matter where families are located geographically, our website and support services are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Foundation’s website was initially established in 2007 by Julia Toivonen, who gave birth to her first son at 27 weeks gestation. The forum and website continue to offer a lifeline to families. In October 2012, with the goal of expanding the online support provided to families, L’il Aussie Prems Foundation became a registered charity.

L’il Aussie Prems Foundation is a member group of the National Premmie Foundation and continues to work in collaboration with other premmie support groups in Australia.

Our Mission

LAPF-logo-alone2 To provide ongoing emotional and practical support to families who have a child that spent time in a hospital NICU/SCN unit

LAPF-logo-alone2 Provide an informative website and monthly e-newsletter

LAPF-logo-alone2 To provide a safe and supportive online community for families to seek comfort and support when sharing their child’s milestones and achievements whilst in hospital and beyond

LAPF-logo-alone2 To provide a comprehensive list of support groups, premmie playgroups and other informational services that will assist in supporting families

LAPF-logo-alone2 To coordinate the “Wear Green for Premmies Day” campaign held annually in April each year to raise awareness and celebrate all children born too soon

LAPF-logo-alone2 To coordinate the “Premmie Hero Awards” campaign held annually to raise the profile of volunteers within the premature birth community

LAPF-logo-alone2 To promote and encourage families to partake in research which will hopefully one day result in a reduction in the number of premature babies and improve their long-term health and survival rates

LAPF-logo-alone2 Raising funds to support L’il Aussie Prems Foundation to meet and expand its aims and objectives

LAPF-logo-alone2 To coordinate and provide support to parents through our Premmie Playgroup held each month in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne

LAPF-logo-alone2 To endeavour to expand our support services and continue to raise awareness of premature birth and the on-going issues that it can create

LAPF-logo-alone2 Provide financial assistance directly to families within Australia

LAPF-logo-alone2 Donate vital equipment to nurseries around Australia to better equip the hospitals, the families spending time in a NICU/SCN and the community

LAPF-logo-alone2 Development of new online projects on our website and in hospitals

LAPF-logo-alone2 Establish our L’il Appers Support Program into maternity units to help connect families from hospital to our online support services

LAPF-logo-alone2 Establish our L’il Hands Accommodation Support program in Ronald McDonald Houses Australia-wide

LAPF-logo-alone2 Establish our Essential Bag program in Ronald McDonald Houses Australia-wide

LAPF-logo-alone2 To provide meal vouchers to financially struggling families with a baby currently in NICU/SCN Australia-wide

LAPF-logo-alone2 Provide knitting garments from donors and distribute to hospitals Australia-wide

LAPF-logo-alone2 To celebrate World Prematurity Day on the 17th November each year

We need the support of the premmie community to enable our charity to continue our important work, to expand the services that we currently provide to families and within the community.

If you wish to help, you can make a tax-deductible donation or join a fun-run to help raise vital funds to support our organisation directly.