A lifelong passion leads to a Premmie Hero Award

Dorothy Kolmer is the 1st Runner Up of our 2014 Premmie Hero Volunteer Awards


Premmie Hero Volunteer Award 1st Runner Up 2014

Dorothy has been generously sewing and donating baby cot sheets for the incubators in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide for the past 10 years.

Dorothy began sewing when she was 5 years of age and has followed her passion for the past 80 years of her life. She spends most of her days making beautiful cot sheets and with the support of her family; Dorothy is driven to the hospital where she kindly donates the cot sheets for the babies in NICU every month, all at her own expense.

Dorothy’s kind donations are extremely valuable in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. In providing the cot sheets, they help parents to personalise the care of their baby’s cot and reduces the overwhelming clinical environment. It often empowers parents to feel that they have more input into their babies care during the difficult and often challenging time for families who experience the NICU journey. Her quality of work is admired by all of the NICU staff and each family who lovingly receives one of her kind donations.

Dorothy’s thoughtfulness and devotion over the past 10 years towards the neonates is admirable to many. Dorothy’s compassion and dedication towards the vulnerable neonates and their families is truly invaluable. Her kind, generous nature is evident in her donations and her ongoing dedication has led to Dorothy being nominated by the NICU team at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide for the 2014 Premmie Hero Volunteer Awards.

Congratulations to Dorothy and thank you!

websiteDorothy has won a $250 Accor Accommodation gift card, two movie tickets, a uniquely designed medal and a framed certificate.


Dorothy was nominated by Glennis Smart.